Godkillers The Witch ALT Cover


To kill the cult, you’ve got to kill their god. 

His greed corrupted your god’s offspring. His blasphemous acts shattered your faith. His lies cleaved you from your family, and now Reverend Hubert wants your flesh as the ultimate sacrifice to a hungry god. 
“Godkillers” is a 64-page softcover book that includes the following:
  • Simplified OpenD6 rules — everything you need to run the scenario
  • Five pre-gen characters, complete with stats, backstory, powers, and full-color portraits, all included in the book AND printed on separate card stock as well for ease of use at the table
  • Background for the world of the Post-Human Condition, including the Church of the Deep Water, the “Anuran” mutants, the philosophy of the Red Shift, and the drug god’s tears
  • A free PDF copy of the book and the character card stock pages, fulfilled via DriveThruRPG

This is the first entry in the world of the Post-Human Condition, which asks, “What would happen if chaotic, cosmic gods came to Earth, and we adapted to them?”